Friday, May 2, 2014

How to make a chicken waterer with poultry water nipples

How to make a chicken waterer with poultry water nipples

Tired of dirty poop filled icky water for your chickens? I know I was. A good solution is to make a waterer using poultry water nipples. And here's how...

Supplies needed

A food safe bucket with a lid
I got this 3 1/2 gallon bucket at my local grocery store bakery. It cost me $1.00.

4 poultry water nipples
I got a 50 pack of them on Amazon for $15.45. Which equals about $0.31 a piece.
I've made smaller ones on 2 liter bottles to put in brooders and will be making several of these bucket waterers, as we also get broiler chickens every year. So a 50 pack works out well for me.

*Note* If you want to add silicon or caulk when installing the nipples to help with sealing them feel free. If you look at the next picture you'll see that these nipples have a clear rubber seal ring on them already. I feel that works perfect. I have never had one leak and I have never added silicon or caulk.

Tools needed

A drill and a 5/8" drill bit

A torch
I use a torch to heat the plastic of the bucket a little so that it does not crack.

Installing the water nipples on the bucket

First I heat up the area on the bottom of the bucket in which I'm going to install the water nipple. Not too much though. You just want to warm up the area.

I, then, drill a hole.

 I trimmed off any plastic that was sticking out. I also heated the area again and screwed in the drinking nipple. Repeat all these steps 3 more times and then make sure there's no leaks.

You can decide how you want to hang these. I drilled an eye hook that I already had and hung it from that.

 Fill it up with some water.

Added the lid and that's all there is to it.

Now my chickens have access to clean water all the time. You don't even have to show them how to use it. They figure it out pretty quickly on their own.

Total cost: 
$1 for bucket+ $1.24 for water nipples (4 x $0.31)= $2.24

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