Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Canning Soup

I love to cook. However, I have a tendency to cook large portions and usually it's only the two of us eating. This time I made turkey vegetable soup. So, what to do with left over soup? Can it!

-Pressure cooker (with a 10 pound pressure regulator)
-Jar lifter
-Magnetic Canning lid wand
-Canning bubble popper & measurer
-Jars (rinsed and warmed)

Heat up the soup

Add water to pressure cooker

Place lids in hot water

Place funnel on jar and ladle soup into the jar

Leave 1 inch head space and remove bubbles from jar

Wipe rim of the jar clean

Use magnet jar wand to pull a lid from the hot water

Place lid on cleaned rim

 Screw the jar ring onto the jar

Use jar lifter and place the jar into the pressure cooker

Repeat with the remaining jars or until you fill the pressure cooker. My pressure cooker holds 7 quart jars. However, I only have enough soup to fill 6 quart jars.

Place your lid onto the pressure cooker and turn the stove onto high.

Allow steam to come out of the vent pipe for 10 minutes

  Add a 10 pound pressure regulator

 When the pressure regulator begins to rattle, start your timer for the processing time. For this kind of soup and quart jars my processing time is 75 minutes (60 minutes if you're using pint jars).

After 75 minutes, turn off the stove and wait for the pressure to reduce. When the air vent goes down the pressure is reduced.

Remove pressure regulator

Remove pressure cooker lid

Using jar lifter, remove jars from cooker and place on a towel.

Wait for the popping of the jars (when they seal) and let them cool.

Once cool you can put your jars away and they'll be good for a year.

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